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The great work continues

Oh. My. Goodness.

It feels as if about a year has passed since I last sat down to write an article. A year, at the very least. We were told that the week was going to be stressful, much more demanding than any week this term. A lot of us—myself included—were dubious that the week could be that taxing. We dubious Rep Termers were taught to never again doubt those who obviously know a great deal more about this process than we do.

The stress level for me was nowhere near as high as it was for any of the designers or managers who were integrating all of the cues into the shows and constantly problem solving and trouble-shooting. But stress seems to be contagious, and that, combined with a lack of sleep and a bit of cabin fever from being in CFA for so many consecutive hours, blew everything out of proportion.

Little things, like getting my dress impossibly tangled in a chair, seemed catastrophic at the time. Problems of actual gravity, like the threat of a back injury resurfacing, simply could not be dealt with rationally because I did not have the emotional capacity to do so.

However, I am fully confident that the payoff is going to be fantastic. For example, we spent two hours working the (spoiler alert!) Angel’s revel in Millennium Approaches, and that moment is absolutely stunning.

I got to sit in the audience the other night and watch a bit of Perestroika, and I hadn’t before realized just how good the shows are. When we’re all as invested as we currently are, it’s difficult to step back and look at the shows objectively.

I concentrated on pieces, on finishing Shane’s prophet robe, on figuring out exactly where the bed was to be placed in a scene, on working on having at least a consistent accent. I hadn’t thought of the plays as an entity.

And what an entity they are. This massive endeavor we’ve been working so hard on all term has congealed into two amazing shows, the likes of which have never before been seen at Knox. We open Millennium on Thursday at 7:30 and Perestroika on Friday, and I could not be more excited to show you all what we have created. Come to Harbach, and you’ll be in for a treat of angelic proportions.

Kristen Chmielewski

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