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Nova Singers inspire across genres

“One of the things that I admire most is that they have five centuries of songs that they perform with equal virtuosity,” said junior and Knox College Choir member Ed Davis about the Saturday performance by the Nova Singers. The Nova Singers, Knox College Music Professor Laura Lane’s 20-voice ensemble, performed in Galesburg at the First Lutheran Church.

“The Nova Singers showcase a great variety in their songs — this time they started off with two Renaissance songs and moved forward to the 20th century,” said Davis.

The program, titled “Morning Light and Evening Rest,” included everything from Warum ist das Licht gegeben by Brahms to English Renaissance pieces by William

Byrd to Campers at Kitty Hawk by Michael Dellaira. Davis’ favorite was the Russian piece Of the Sun Born.

“It is a modern piece, written just last year. This may have been the U.S. Premier. The focus of the song was on the word painting. For instance, the women came in in different sections like rain drops while the song was talking about stars,” Davis said.

Also of particular note was the performance of Deep River by Swedish composer Anders Paulsson.

“I thought Deep River with Kevin Malley on soprano sax was a real highlight of the concert — he’s an amazing musician, and the unique sound of the soprano sax with the Nova Singers’ voices was just gorgeous, and I love that arrangement,” said Lane.

Ben Reeves

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