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Posters hung and removed within the hour

The group responsible for hanging large banners regarding sexual assault in Seymour Gallery last week was allegedly the same group responsible for hanging smaller posters around campus late Sunday night into early Monday morning.

Most posters were removed by midday Monday. In most places where they had been hung, adhesive residue was left on the walls.

Hung up with a very strong adhesive in the Gizmo, Post Hall, Seymour Union, the Sharvey G. Umbeck Science and Mathematics Center. On the outer walls of the residence halls on the south side of campus, there were two main posters throughout campus.

One poster was entirely text and was a manifesto of women’s rights as students at Knox College. Another poster was a political cartoon of a man sweeping words underneath a rug. Some of the words read “rape,” “sexual assault,” and “misconduct.”

Some students thought the method was an effective way to make their statement public.

Junior Gabe Paz said, “I wouldn’t have done the glue. I feel like they really wanted to get a message across and they did and I liked it.”

Other students disagree. Senior Dan Dyrda, while he doesn’t think gluing the posters to walls was vandalism, said, “I think gluing it was in poor taste because if you want to be heard, there are better ways than trying to permanently affix something. I’d call it highly irresponsible.”

Director of Campus Safety John Schlaf said, “Unfortunately, the product that was chosen to attach the posters was very difficult for the custodial staff to remove.”

Schlaf said the problem was not with the posters themselves but with how they were attached. “I don’t think there was an intent to do any damage, but if was an unfortunate consequence,” he said.

Annie Zak

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