Discourse / Letters / Theater / March 4, 2010

An open letter to the cast of Angels in America

Today as I was walking down the hall after lunch, my friend and I were aurally accosted by a spectacle I never expected on a campus such as Knox. You yelled and carried on, carrying handmade signs which reminded me of religious propaganda I would rather not be subjected to. Your yells could be heard throughout Seymour, irritating those who were trying to work in Founders or study in one of the quiet rooms. I kept my gaze straight ahead, and would have held up my hand to shun you had that not shattered the illusion of ignoring you completely.

Both my friend and I agree that your actions were out of line. I might have been interested in seeing Angels in America, especially if a friend had wished to go with me. Now I refuse to see the event.

Your attempt to call attention to Angels in America was counterproductive. Please take note.

Alice Nicholes

Class of 2013

Alice Nicholes

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