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Rep Term this week

As the members of the audience rose to their feet on the opening night of Millennium Approaches during the curtain call for a standing ovation, I got a bit choked up. It was an overwhelming feeling to know that the project we in the Rep Term company have poured so much blood, sweat and tears into has been so well received. And everyone with whom I’ve spoken has had tremendously positive things to say about both shows. We’ve worked so hard all of this term and our hard work has paid off in a hugely positive and impressive final product. I couldn’t be more proud with what this Rep Term Company has accomplished. If you haven’t seen the shows yet, do so before you really miss out.

After all of the chaos of tech week and the first few performances of the show, we were given a two-day break, but, to my shock and horror, the days weren’t restful in the slightest. I had this fear that I needed to be somewhere, that there was something I was supposed to be doing instead of relaxing. Not being in CFA actually made me anxious and I wasn’t even able to catch up on sleep because I’d have anxiety dreams about being responsible for equipment being stolen from CFA or about forgetting to read an assignment for class and receiving an “I’m so disappointed in you, Kristen,” lecture from Neil Blackadder. Terrible. When we had to return to CFA for colloquium on Tuesday, I actually felt a lot better.

Another factor which added to my anxiety level during our little break was suddenly not seeing so many people I was used to seeing constantly for 12 hours a day. I was shocked to discover I didn’t have a good friend’s number in my phone, but then I realized I had never needed her number before since all I had to do was shout “Allison!” in CFA and she’d hear me.

All of us company members have been inextricably bound by our common experience. We have had the option to either grow to hate each others’ guts or to form into a large family unit and we have luckily chosen the latter.

The support of this family unit was warmly felt when a majority of the Rep Term members showed up to Playwright’s Workshop on Sunday—a day when we did not have to be in CFA—to see the plays Caroline Castro and I had written be performed. We’ve congealed into a group of support and love and I’m going to terribly miss having constant access to my Rep Term family when this term is over.

Kristen Chmielewski

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