Campus / News / April 1, 2010

C-Store art brightens students’ day

Since the beginning of our current spring term, students have been getting exposed to a little local artwork during their trips to the OutPost Convenience Store. Painted by diana Mackin, the mural appears on the main entrance doors to the C-Store and features blossoming trees, baby chicks, the rabbit that supposedly lives near Post Hall and, of course, the “Knox Fox.”

“Bobbi [Helander] suggested [the painting],” Mackin said, “and it sounded like fun. Something springy that coordinated with the decorations that Kathy Dunemann [baker] had already done. It’s all staff-decorated.”

Other decorations include cutout paper flowers and bright colors hanging from the ceiling of the store. As for the inspiration for the painting, Mackin looked around campus for ideas.

“I have actually seen the ‘Knox Fox,’ and had to put it in,” Mackin said. “The whole thing took me just under two hours to complete.”

Student response to the installation has been very positive.

“There has been a good response to it,” Mackin said. “I haven’t heard any criticism. Everyone’s been really sweet about it.”

Andrew Polk

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