Community / News / April 8, 2010

Alternate realities alter address

The relatively new local comic and specialty gaming store Alternate Realities has relocated from its previous location to one right across the street. The new storefront offers greater visibility and a larger space for the comics, tabletop gaming and arcade offerings the store provides.

Managers plan to greatly increase the amount of arcade games available, including Dance Dance Revolution as well as vintage systems such as Galaga and Pac-Man. Increased game room space will also allow the store to host Magic: The Gathering trading-card game tournaments and pre-release events.

The storefront itself is being re-organized into a higher-end look and feel, with racks of new comics and merchandise clearly displayed while still having the white file boxes of back issues available for perusal.

The staff also plans to set up discounted pull-lists for Knox students and Galesburg community members, essentially functioning as a local subscription to the comic books an interested person chooses to follow.

Andrew Polk

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