Discourse / Letters / April 8, 2010

Letter to the Editor: Finishing what we started

Remember that time we had all that fundraising for Hurricane Katrina (that was a long time ago)?

Remember that time we had all that fundraising for Haiti relief efforts?

Remember that time we had all those discussions and things for Gaza relief?

Remember that time we had all those all campus forums called “the mud-pit”?

It seems Knox has an issue with taking a real interest in things but not finishing them. Campus leaders introduce something genuine and the majority loves it, and then leaves it for something new. I know the first things on that list don’t really have “finishes,” but they certainly didn’t deserve us dropping them for the next buzz topic like we did. And no pointed fingers intended, I dropped ’em hard too.

My point is that this past term we started something real- with these recommendations on improving what the school does with sexual assault- about who’s in charge of what. I wanna make sure that over break things weren’t forgotten by the majority.

Keep standing up and lets show those old ancient senior staffers that this isn’t our latest buzz topic; to show we can participate in the work for these causes, and that this will forever be a serious issue to us.

This can’t turn into something prefaced with “remember that time…”

Gabe Paz

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