Letter to the Editor: Taking action

From The Knox College Student Senate Safety and Services Committee

We endorse the “Call to Action” put forth by the groups Estudiantes Sin Fronteras and Alliance for Peaceful Action. Our exception to the call is the statement that SASS have guaranteed positions on a Taskforce. They are a club of students and if student members from that club choose to apply, they should, but as students for a taskforce of any kind presently do.

We admire that students are taking initiative towards direct action and that this cause is not dying out. We hope that students not see this call to action as polarizing and that “direct action” is not interpreted as extreme radicalism.

We would like the community to please take note of the last paragraph in the demands. Its intent is to encourage civil direct action.

“Action can mean anything. Whether this means handing a prospective student a zine, wearing a ribbon to raise awareness, tabling information, holding an event for prospective students with a student organization, chalking, flyering, anything. If a safer school is important to you, if you want to eliminate sexual assault from our campus and our world, if you are willing to challenge the status quo – get out and do something! Talk to your friends, talk to some strangers, make a sign, flyer, wear a ribbon, sing, or dance, make yourself heard. ”

If a student interprets, “Action can mean anything…” –or– “…go out and do something!” as encouragement for vandalism, we would like to tell you to go back and reference the above concluding statement before condemning the call to action. Clearly the call does not have those sentiments and those actions done by others should not defame this document or these groups. It is geared toward individual direct progressive [civil] action.

-The Knox College Student Senate Safety and Services Committee

Student Senate Safety and Services Committee

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