Campus / News / April 8, 2010

Students speculate about prairie burn publicity

This year, there was no campus-wide e-mail notifying students and faculty about the annual prairie burn at Green Oaks. The prairie burn, a representation of both Knox College’s mascot and the coming of spring, usually welcomes all students to attend.

Last week, though, an e-mail was sent out to the Friends of Green Oaks e-mail distribution list, not the entire campus, alerting them that the burn would be on Saturday.

Though there were doubts as to whether or not the burn would happen due to rain, it did take place on Saturday, April 3, later in the day than usual.

Some students felt like the event should have been made more public.

“I was upset because I was planning to go,” said senior Kara Krewer. “I hadn’t been in all four years because I never had a way to get there.”

President of KARES (Knox Advocates for Recycling and Environmental Support) and senior Creal Zearing explained that Professor of Biology Stuart Allison “wasn’t going to publicize it this year because they were going to burn more this year and in past years.” Compared to last year’s plot, this year’s was much larger and the burn had to be more controlled.

Zearing said, “In the past two years, there were so many people that came that it was more of a hazard.” She said that many people who attended last year and the year before “don’t realize that it is a big deal.”

“It ended up being sort of dangerous,” she said. “I’m sure a lot of people were disappointed because it’s our mascot.”

Senior Nick Kalmus said, “It was completely unclear whether it was cancelled or not because of the rain. It’s the mascot of our school. It should be a pretty big and important event.”

Members of Friends of Green Oaks and students staying out at the field station for Green Oaks term also helped in burning the prairie.

Annie Zak

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