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Ama-zine creations by real people

The Knox College Zine Club! raised money to supply students with zine making materials thanks to a week long bake sale.

“We’ve more than doubled our budget after a week and a half of fundraising,” said junior and co-president Kate Carsella. “We’re really excited.”

Zine Club! intends to use the funds for a number of events aimed at increasing the organization’s visibility on campus.

A workshop on April 27 in the WVKC Lounge in GDH will provide supplies for interested students to begin making zines of their own. On May 4, the club will show $100 and a T-Shirt, a documentary about zine making. Weather permitting, the showing will be outside.

In the fall, Zine Club! is also planning a trip to Madison Zine Fest, a national zine festival in Madison, Wisconsin.

The club was resurrected, according to Carsella, in 2008 when Kaley Morlock ’09 and Klayr Valentine-Fossum ’09 decided to bring out a box of zines that was sitting in a box in the basement of the Eco House. The two worked to get the zines a place in Seymour Library.

Since then, the club has gone through many transformations. The club’s presence online is nationally recognized. The Galesburg Zine Library has attracted zine submissions from around the country. Carsella is currently in the process of updating the zine library’s new website. Additionally, she hopes get the club’s collection of zines a more visible spot in the library.

“Anyone can make a zine,” said Carsella.

The club’s collection features zines about recycling, history and music as well as stories and poems. According to Carsella, many of the zines the club receives from outside sources come from prisoners in jails across the country.

“Anyone can come to our meetings,” she said. “We’re pretty much a resource club.”

Zine Club! meets Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. in the Common Room of Old Main. Carsella hopes to see more people in attendance.

“It’s not just about writing a story or a poem,” she said. “It’s a really useful tool for people to be heard. That sounds cliché, but it’s true.”

Zines can be submitted for distribution to Kate Carsella, Box 458.

The Galesburg zine Web site can be found at

Sarah Colangelo

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