Letter to the Editor: Call to action clarification

Estudiantes sin Fronteras (ESF) and Alliance for Peaceful Action (APA) would like to make clear that it was our organizations alone that published the “Call to Action” in last week’s issue of TKS. It has come to our attention that many people believe SASS was involved with the publication of this document. Actually, SASS was not involved in publishing the “Call to Action” in any way. It was not our intention to communicate otherwise. APA and ESF’s current demands are indeed based on the “SASS Grievances and Demands” released in 2008, but again, SASS has not been involved with the “Call to Action” campaign. We ask that questions and concerns regarding the “Call to Action” be directed toward the members of APA and ESF. We continue to stand by our demands.

Alliance for Peaceful Action

Estudiantes sin Fronteras

Alliance for Peaceful Action , Estudiantes sin Fronteras

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