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Viewpoint: Xavier Romano’s resignation

TKS asked students what they thought about Xavier Romano’s resignation. Here’s what they said:

“I think it’s peculiar that he chose to resign. He didn’t respond to rumors that were going on; he didn’t directly answer them. He just kind of stepped back without giving a formal statement as to his stance.”

Ian Malone, sophomore

“I was surprised, but at the same time, I feel like we were all kind of expecting it. I’m surprised that they weren’t more direct in the subject heading [of the e-mail].”

Evan Holmes, senior

“It seems to me like Knox is the kind of place where I could expect more transparency.”

Robin Falasz, freshman

“I felt like he put the safety of students on the backburner to try to avoid trouble.”

Sherie Ajayi, freshman

“I feel like it was strange. It was unanticipated. That’s not to say that it’s our right as students to know everything, but it wouldn’t hurt to know more than just that he resigned.”

Jacob Yordy, sophomore

“To me, it’s unsettling. That e-mail left a bad taste in my mouth. Whenever there’s an e-mail that says you need to take personal time to reflect, that’s suspicious. You don’t need to resign to reflect. You can still work and reflect. It being Flunk Day season, his presence is missed.”

Alexandra Braun, senior

“If people don’t know facts, they will start rumors. [Romano] was also the only senior staff member of color. I’m a member of Lo Nuestro and ABLE and he was a great support. We lost a major support system.”

Stephanie Fore, freshman

“People on campus are telling prospectives not to come here and alumni are telling their children not to come here because of Xavier and because of Roger [Taylor] leaving and I would expect more from Knox. I think it started with [Professor] Don Blaheta, then Roger, now Xavier. Who’s next?”

Hannah Fidoten, sophomore

TKS Staff

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