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Flunked on the beach

This year’s Flunk Day, the surprise day every spring term when classes are canceled and games and activities are planned for students and members of the Knox and surrounding community, was on Monday, April 26. With the theme Flunk On the Beach, students took part in festive activities in what was, at first, colder weather than the ideal. Here are what some students thought about this year’s celebration:

“The dancing was great. We danced for hours. I just enjoyed in general not having to take my midterms that day” Natalia Cipolla, sophomore

“I spent a lot of it sleeping … I felt like every time I came to campus it was more subdued than in other years,” Chanel Miller, senior

“I think my favorite part was the mud pit. I didn’t like that it was cold but as it got warmer it got better,” Mark Farrell, sophomore

“I slept for like 3,000 hours. I went outside for 20 minutes and was hit on by creepy drunk guys,” Jamie White, sophomore

“I think my favorite was the black light party. I especially loved the glowsticks,” Brynn Ogilvie, sophomore

“I loved being a friar. It was great. We were upstairs in one of my friends’ apartments and all of our phones went off at the same time when we got the message,” Ashley Witzke, senior

“The D.J. and black light party were awesome. It was fun to just dance for hours. I liked the spicy pineapple,” Rachel Lyman, sophomore

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