Discourse / Editorials / May 6, 2010

Dan Savage

After hearing chatter around campus from some Faculty, Staff and students, we as SHAG Exec would like to clarify some things about a speaker we are bringing to campus this week . Dan Savage is a national sex columnist and blogger whose recent publications include, “Things I’ve learned from Women Who’ve Dumped Me” and “The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family”. While he does write about sex and relationships, his focus is not on sexual assault. Dan is not coming to Knox as a response to our campus’ recent incidents of sexual assault-as we as a club have been in discussion about hosting him since prior to the recent very public incidents. We as SHAG recognize sexual assault as a serious issue that affects our entire nation and all college campuses and support all of the efforts and projects at Knox that are working towards minimizing sexual assault and supporting survivors on our campus. We also recognize that all of the discussions about sex on this campus in the past months have been focused on non-consensual, painful, traumatic sex. While we agree that these discussions are very important and should be had we would also like to help Knox maintain our sex-positive campus. We are bringing Dan Savage in order to help us with these efforts and to remind us all that sex (consensual sex) can be great, absolutely positive and healthy. With this in mind, we hope you will join us for a sex-positive evening when Dan visits our campus on May 7th at 7pm in Kresge.

SHAG Executive Board

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