Sports / May 6, 2010

Euro soccer winds down

There are only two games left for most of the leagues in Europe, and strangely, very few leagues have been decided mathematically yet.

Usually by this time, there will be at least a few teams ahead in the league by enough points that even if they lost the remaining games, nobody could top them. This is only true in Scotland and France, as of right now. In France, Olympique Marseille shot up to the top of the once-close league in the last few weeks, and now sits at eight points from second place Lille. In Scotland, the Glasgow Rangers have been on top for most of the year, and now it’s official. This means it has now been 25 years since a team besides Rangers or Celtic have won the SPL.

However, all the three biggest leagues in Europe are still undecided. For soccer fans, this equals very exciting. In England, Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech said recently, “Basically, we are to play three finals now-two in the league and the FA Cup final” (Soccernet). This is because Chelsea sits precariously at just one point above Manchester United. They won the first league game, but one slip-up from the blues and Man U. fans will be partying in the streets.

Spain has been a very similar story. Real Madrid has been doing everything it could in the last few months to catch up with Barcelona. Out of their last 20 league games, they’ve won 18. But Barcelona is making things as difficult as possible for their rivals, losing only one single game this year. Although only one point separates the two teams, they have both played so well this season, that third placed Valencia is 24 points behind second placed Madrid.

Italy hasn’t been quite as dominated by two clubs as Spain has. In fact, Inter Milan has been having a somewhat poor season compared to normal. They sit only two points above AS Roma, with only two games left to play, and on top of it they need to rest their best players for the Champions League cup. It’s a difficult balance to make, if you’re a coach, but Inter is in capable hands behind the guidance of Jose Mourinho. That being said, Roma has its eyes on the Serie A, and the only thing Inter can do is win.

What will happen? Nobody really knows. That’s why it’s exciting! So tune in and watch this weekend. (A little Googling and it’s pretty easy to find games live).

Gordon Barratt

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