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New position created, voting schedule changed

Last week’s Student Senate meeting involved some debate about restructuring several by-laws in Senate and adding a new position.

The new position is that of a Parliamentarian for Senate, which will be a paid “at the discretion of the Finance committee,” as the resolution for the position states.

Another change made was the term in which students vote for committee chairs in Senate. In the past, students have voted during spring term for chairs of Residential Quality of Life, Dining Services, Technology, Sustainability and Safety and Services committees. Additionally, they will be elected in “fall term among the general Senate via secret-ballot vote.”

These changes were brought to a vote on Thursday and passed by the senators present. However, due to a possible oversight on the technicality of voting for bylaw changes without a quorum, there will be a revote at this Thursday’s meeting.

Senior Creal Zearing reported that the stainless steel water bottles ordered by several students are now available.

Annie Zak

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