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What’s Wrong with Knox: Poor keeping of the grounds

There are two major issues I see with the quality of grounds keeping here at Knox. These two issues are simple and could save us money as well as improving the quality of Knox. I hope that the grounds keepers take note and use these suggestions in the future.

The first issue that I have noticed since last year is the overwhelming amount of time spent mowing the lawns on campus. I notice that there is a lot of green space on campus and that mowing can’t be done in one day by one person. It seems as if there is always a mower running on campus during the week. This has to produce a large amount of CO2. As a part of making our campus “green” can we not limit the amount of mowing on campus and let the grass grow a bit? I personally love long grass, it feels better between toes and for my friends with grass allergies, fresh cut grass irritates this allergy. If the campus is cut half as often the quality of the campus will not diminish and this could be put on the list of things helping our campus be green at a profit to the school.

The second issue I noticed was the wood chips put down around all the trees and bushes on campus a month or so ago in hopes to beautify campus before an admitted students day. For the first few days this made the campus look wonderful. Unfortunately this was shortly lived and weeds started to sprout through the chips. I am not very knowledgeable in this field, but I do know that they make landscape fabric that helps with the prevention of weeds. I remember when the grounds keepers were putting down the mulch and never once did I see any landscape fabric or any removal of the grass and weeds that normally surround the trees beforehand. This lack of effort has removed any quality from the wood chips’ presence. At this point it must be difficult and not very cost effective to remove the wood chips and relay down the chips. I am just sad to see trained professionals put so little effort into something that had the potential of exponentially beautifying the campus.

John Williams

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