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Letter to the Editor: TKE hosts first faculty dinner

On Monday May 10th the brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon invited members of faculty to share a meal and get better aquatinted with one another. The main focus of the event was to allow the invited faculty to meet the newly elected officers and members of the fraternity. After which, the officers presented information towards the faculty on their specific duty and what their plans are for the new year. Following each presentation faculty in attendance were encouraged to ask questions, respond and further give their input on ideas and agendas. The event was the fraternity’s first efforts to bridge the gap between Greek students and members of the faculty. Some of the discussion that took place was dedicated towards how to better connect Greeks, non-Greeks and faculty at Knox.

We went into further detail of the workings and proceedings of various positions in the house. These include security/risk management, philanthropy and pledge education, et cetera. We’d hope that conversations like these could continue throughout next year and further transcend the bridge between our organization and faculty.

For more information about the event and what was presented, please e-mail to zpaluch@knox.edu

Zachary Paluch

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