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What’s Wrong with Knox: Postal handling

The mailroom is a vital part of this campus. Just like any other student here at Knox, I receive a handful of packages every term. I have seen the piles of packages that many in the Knox community are unaware of. Under all of the mailboxes, there are piles of unclaimed packages. Every package that you receive ends up in one of these piles. These piles are rather unorganized. This makes me personally fear for the contents of my packages. The last two packages I received that contained fragile items, had minor holes in them. I cannot blame the mailroom, when there’s a possibility that the USPS could be at fault, but because of the disorganization in the mailroom, I cannot remove all suspicion.

I hope a more organized system can be created and I hope that all mail is treated like it is fragile even if it is not labeled as such. There is enough time for this to happen during the down times of the day in the mailroom. At times I have seen people surfing the Internet on the computer while on the clock and this could be better utilized organizing the packages.

Check your mailbox, Knox. It becomes a pain when people struggle to put your mail in your box. This is rude to the mailroom employees. I saw one faculty mailbox full of mail. Sticking more than a foot out the backside of the box. This is crazy. One false move by a worker in there and there goes all your mail. So come on, Knox, it’s not that hard to check your mail at least once a week so your mail won’t be crushed into your box.

John Williams

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