May 20, 2010

WOI colony presents progress to SLC

Three members of colony Women of Influence came before the Student Life Committee (SLC) to address concerns the committee had about their organization last year. These included the group GPA, sustainability of membership and the correlation between WOI’s events and their mission statement.

WOI President, senior Sam McDavid, explained WOI had increased their cumulative GPA to 2.96, recruited six new members in the winter and experienced heightened interest from underclassmen. WOI held a body image workshop to discuss how the idea of white beauty affected women of other races. The event generated a large turnout.

SLC commended the women of WOI for their hard work over the past year yet still had a few concerns, primarily about membership. Professor of Theatre Elizabeth Carlin-Metz and Instructor of Art Mike Godsil raised questions about WOI’s numbers, as over half of their current members will be graduating this year. McDavid and President Elect Tomi Olotu explained WOI’s plans for informal recruitment in the fall and expressed confidence in being able to gain more members.

Carlin-Metz also expressed concern about how WOI would uphold their mission of multiculturalism without catering entirely to minorities. McDavid explained that WOI viewed multiculturalism not only as a racial and ethnic identification but also a religious, political and sexual one. She said that WOI already has members representing a wide spectrum of cultures, beliefs and viewpoints and that WOI will look to continue this trend in the future.

After discussion, Godsil motioned to approve WOI to go before the faculty on the condition that they have 15 members by October. The motion passed unanimously.

Assistant Director of Campus Life Jenn Snider presented the budget for student activities for the 2010-2011 school year. Major changes in the budget from last year include an increase of $8,000 in funds for campus medias, an addition of $10,000 to the dean of students’ “slush fund,” and a decrease of $18,000 in the senate discretionary fund. Godsil motioned to approve the budget and the motion passed unanimously.

To justify the budget changes, Snider explained that printing costs have risen and that the “slush fund” has traditionally been higher than it was last year. She also said senate had only allocated about half of its $39,000 discretionary fund last year.

Senate Vice President Trevor Sorenson updated SLC on minor changes to the senate constitution as well as on vandalism to campaign posters for senate elections. Sorenson hopes to announce the results of election at the Thursday senate meeting.

Carlin-Metz reported on the faculty meeting to discuss the inclusion of sustainability in freshman preceptorial class.

Southern reported the Counseling Center will provide ten additional hours of service each week through the end of the term. He also said that nothing conclusive had been decided about the vacancy for acting Dean of Students Debbie Southern’s former position.

Anna Meier

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