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GQ soon to nationalize

The fraternity colony Gentlemen of Quality (GQ) has chosen Psi Sigma Phi as their national organization. Gentlemen of Quality, founded on Nov. 5, 2007 as a fraternity colony whose core mission is the building of brotherhood through multiculturalism, has recently been approved by the Student Life Committee to move forward in nationalizing.

Senior Clayton Besong said, “We always try to send a representative from our colony to sit into the weekly [Inter-fraternity Council] meetings, and we have built a good reputation with the staff/administration of the college…We have each paired with other members in the group in many one-on-one settings…learning about each other inside and out.”

After narrowing down the list of which organization to join to five, the nationalization of GQ, now known as the Official Interest Group of Psi Sigma Phi (OIG PSP), should be official by the end of the next academic year. OIG PSP will become one of the newest chapters of Psi Sigma Phi, a multicultural fraternity founded in 1990 in New Jersey.

“It’s very exciting. We have worked so hard towards this goal and to finally see it happen before I graduate is personally just amazing,” junior Yohan Chang, the newly elected President of OIG PSP for the 2010-2011 school year, said about nationalizing. “However, it is going to take much work and all of our members are ready to make our final stretch for the goal.”

OIG PSP’s objectives of promoting multiculturalism, campus and community service and academic excellence have not changed since its founding and were integral in choosing Psi Sigma Phi as its national organization.

Senior Maurice McDavid, who was president before Chang, said Psi Sigma Phi’s goals and their own matched “near perfectly.”

“We hope that these ideals are made visible to the campus through the events that we sponsor…Community service is one of the main things that we stress in general through promoting individual community service participation amongst our members,” senior Percy Bromby said.

In accordance with its objectives, some of the events the members of OIG PSP have sponsored include Cards of a Cause, which benefited the FISH Food Pantry in Galesburg, and discussions on various religious beliefs and gender roles. As an upcoming event to raise canned goods for FISH Food Pantry, OIG PSP will have poetry, spoken word and freestyle raps about poverty, as well as Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Peter Schwartzman.

When asked what they hope for the future of OIG PSP, Chang said they wish to see that the organization “will continue to leave a positive reputation on campus,” as well as be more involved in the Knox/Galesburg community.

“The brothers will not forget what got [them] here,” sophomore Marcos Moreno said. He went on to say that they will hold onto GQ’s founding values.

Junior Nigam Gandhi hopes future members will be leaders and role models on campus. “I hope to see our numbers increase slightly. I don’t want to become too large of a group; I like the intimate numbers that we have now, but I could stand to see the numbers increase to about 20 consistently,” Bromby said. “I would like to see us with a house. I would also like to see us establish an annual philanthropy event. Finally, I would like us to be a stable organization, one that will last for generations and generations to come.”

“It has been a long journey but the most difficult part is over,” McDavid said. “Gentlemen of Quality is one of the things that I am most proud of in my Knox College career.”

Sheena Leano

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