Campus / News / May 20, 2010

WVKC stream down, up, improving

Last term, Knox’s student and community radio station, 90.7 WVKC Galesburg, had some issues with its online streaming. On March 25, it was announced that the stream was up and running again.

Post-Baccalaureate and member of WVKC staff Brady Myers ’09 said the stream is not perfect, but there have not been huge problems.

“It’s fixed,” Myers said. “People think it’s broken. It works and when it doesn’t work, I go and fix it.”

While it was also announced on the WVKC website that the stream only allows for 32 listeners to connect at one time, Myers said this is the same number as the previous streaming program, but also said, “I can raise that number.”

Myers said that a big difference with the new stream is that instead of operating out of the WVKC station at the top of George Davis Hall, the stream now operates out of a computer in the basement of the Science and Mathematics Center (SMC).

“They reboot that computer sometimes without telling us and the stream goes down,” Myers said. “The stream goes down but then people e-mail me and

I fix it. I run over to SMC and turn it back on.”

Myers can be reached at

Annie Zak

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