Discourse / Editorials / May 26, 2010

The Greek community works toward understanding and integration

This week, the leadership of the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Panhellenic Council (Panhel) attended a meeting with Jaclyn Friedman and other leaders of campus organizations to discuss how the student body as a whole can move forward productively in the coming year. The meeting consisted of members of IFC, Panhel, Alliance for Peaceful Action (APA), Lo Nuestro, Students Without Borders, Students Against Sexism in Society (SASS), Student Health Advocacy Group (SHAG), Allied Blacks for Liberty and Equality (ABLE), Tianna Cervantez, Director of Multicultural Student Advisement and Associate Dean of Students, Debbie Southern. All of the members are planning to meet again before the end of the term to discuss future plans for next year.

The Greek community has begun brainstorming ideas for next year such as philanthropy events, a possible Sexual Assault Action week and recruitment activities. Panhel hopes to host more events open to the Knox Community, including a sorority movie night. Panhel has also considered joining forces with IFC and various organizations to host a fundraising event open to members of the Knox community and Knox Alumni that could raise money for Alumni Hall. IFC has discussed co-hosting philanthropy events that could involve the entire Galesburg community.

In order to address and help educate Knox students, the Greek community hopes to co-host a Sexual Assault Awareness week with SASS that will consist of different events ranging from a self-defense workshop to a cookout open to all Knox students. Along with this, TKE is hopeful it can bring the well-known organization, “Men Can Stop Rape.”

The Greek community is also excited to take this positive momentum into next year. At the start of next year, there will be a Greek Report that gives the campus a quick snapshot of what each Greek organization is like. It will include the names of students who hold leadership positions, the grade point averages of each organization and other information. This will give the campus an idea of the Greek community as a whole, and this community looks forward to a future in which they are more unified with administrators and the student body.

Questions? Comments? Contact IFC President, David Fundakowski at dfundako@knox.edu or Panhel President, Anne Horrell at ahorrell@knox.edu.

Anne Horrell

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