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Conclusion of 99th Senate

The final meeting of the 99th Student Senate took place at 7:04 this past Thursday, May 20, with President Heather Kopec as chair.

Senate treasurer senior Liesl Pereira described the financial state of senate, which, at the end of term, had approximately $23,000 left in their discretionary fund.

Pereira also reported that Harambee’s club status had been moved from non-budgeted club status to budgeted club status, which would allow them to request funds from senate during the following academic year. This was in response to the fact that Harambee had missed the deadline for submitting a club budget due to a problem with the e-mail system.

“The e-mails just disappeared,” said Pereira. “Apparently this happens fairly often.”

Junior Communications Chair Chris Bugajski reported on the results of a survey sent out to campus inquiring into people’s movie rental habits, which overwhelmingly suggested that Knox get a Red Box for movie rentals. Although Red Box has a policy of only placing rental boxes on campuses of 15,000 students or more, Bugajski said he would speak to the company to attempt to get one anyway.

Sophomore Annika Paulsen, chair of the dining services committee, presented the results of another survey, which suggested that students wanted more healthy food in the Gizmo and that a take-out pizza service would be highly utilized.

“Helmut is revising the Gizmo menu this summer,” Paulsen said.

Senate heard three Green Fee proposals. Sigma Chi requested $2,500 in order to plant trees and shrubs around their house. The proposal passed with one stipulation from the sustainability committee.

“They have to get plants native to the Midwest and Illinois,” said committee chair senior Creal Zearing.

The sustainability committee requested $750 for storage pods to be placed next to the dumpsters. Items students no longer wanted would be placed in the pods during the moving-out process and the committee would then donate them to organizations such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

“Last year the Free Store got absolutely overwhelmed,” said Zearing. “This is the alternative.”

The committee also requested to use most of the remaining Green Fee fund ($12,920 at the time of the last senate meeting) to buy new recycling bins for the Quads and the sporting areas. Bins in the Quads, according to the committee, are rusting through and are almost non-existent in places like the football field. Both the pods and recycling bins were approved by unanimous consent of the senate.

Sophomore Andrew Kunsak brought a motion directly to the floor that proposed forming a special committee to count the ballots from the senate election. The motion passed and members were selected; the committee would meet over the weekend.

The Honor Board appeared before the senate to request $250 to print a large copy of the Honor Code constitution and to suggest a change to the Honor Code. They proposed that it be mandatory that incoming freshmen sign the copy of the constitution after receiving their Honor Board orientation and that, until signing, they not be allowed to sign up for fall term classes. The monetary request was referred to the Executive Board meeting; the proposed change to the code was passed and referred to the Academic Standing Committee.

Individual committees proceeded to give reports. The Communications Committee planned to put together an online survey to put the question of whether or not to ban Coke to the whole school. The publication board was given a higher budget due to higher cost of printings for publications such as Catch. The Student Life Committee reported that they had decided that the colony Woman of Influence would be able to bring their proposal to nationalize to the faculty if they had 15 members by October. The ad hoc Compost Committee reported they were now only looking for grant money to complete their project.

At the conclusion of the meeting, associate sean of students Craig Southern praised the senate.

“You guys did the best job of disagreeing and yet having civil conversation,” he said.

A motion was made and passed to adjourn the 99th Student Senate.

Katy Sutcliffe

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