Discourse / Editorials / May 26, 2010

Thoughts from the Embers: Communication and TKS

This past school year, Knox students talked. We’ve seen the resignation of our president, effective at the end of next year, the resignation of our dean of students, effective June 2, the installation of security cameras on campus, problems of space and having enough room for all our students, and safety on campus, specifically in light of reports of sexual assualt. We dealt with all of it through passionate and constructive discussion.

In response to the myriad of issues presented to Knox, we expressed ourselves through a variety of ways. There was a student protest when Dean of Students Xavier Romano was on leave without an explanation given from the administration as to why. Students began to ask why the school keeps expanding admissions but not residence halls. Since the reporting of two sexual assaults during winter term, there have been workshops on self-defense and how bystanders can make change in situations where sexual assault might be possible.

Knox also began to use its newspaper as a means of campus discussion. Indeed, this year, we have seen changes in terms of how this newspaper is a vehicle through which students can be heard. The development of both the Greek Corner column as well as the World Politics Corner and even a column titled “What’s Wrong with Knox” have opened up places for students to share their opinions on international issues, local issues and promoting events they want publicized.

At Knox, we like to stress the importance of communication and discussion. While these events and activism are incredibly positive things on the Knox campus, we here at TKS know that there are more voices on campus than are being represented. The changes in the Discourse section of the newspaper this year have been positive additions, but students must also know that they can write columns with opinions and perspectives on any subject, whether it’s local, national, comedic or personal.

A lot of people on campus have a lot to say about the things that change at Knox, whether they agree or disagree with them. Campus discourse through the newspaper is designed specifically to serve the campus, just like a sexual assault workshop or a protest. TKS changes and grows each year just like most other things do on campus. We’ve seen a change in Discourse this year and we’d like to see it grow next year with the other parts of campus.

TKS Staff

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