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Four Visual Communications majors show work in Borzello

Borzello Hall was filled with people gathered for 4SIGHT, the senior show of Knox’s four graduating visual communications majors seniors Hannah Cynn, Levi Flair, Jenn Milius, and Evan Temchin. The four students have spent their time at Knox working on various projects involving photography, graphic design, and video.

Faculty from various departments, particularly journalism and art, were present, as were many Knox students. Each of the students had their work displayed around the room, hung on the walls, in books on tables and hanging from the ceiling.

Hannah Cynn

Cynn has been most focused recently on creating logos and doing video work, although she also does photographic work. “I have a lot of logos that I’ve done, digital photos, posters — I have all sorts of things,” said Cynn. She has particularly enjoyed creating logos.

When asked about how it felt to be finished with her work at Knox, Cynn said, “Awesome. It feels really rewarding. We [visual communications majors] know that we don’t really fit into a category of art or journalism, and to have the departments and people here to support us feels really good.”

Cynn plans to go to graduate school for design.

Levi Flair

Flair has, like Cynn and the other majors, worked with graphic design, photography and video. About half of what he had on display was graphic design and half photography.

“The graphic design is everything from a few posters to logos to events programs. I like to do all of it,” said Flair. “Honestly, though, I think the photography is really more of a hobby for me. Marketing and advertising are really where my interests lie because then you really have a focused message and audience.”

Flair said his favorite things to work on are posters.

“The posters are the closest I’ve come to what I really want to be doing,” he said.

Flair will be doing web design over the summer and then preparing to go to Sub-Saharan Africa to teach environmental education.

Jenn Milius

Milius has worked on all forms of visual communication, but one of her biggest projects recently has been designing her own typeface, a project that she began when she was studying abroad in New Zealand and then continued here at Knox. Milius recently completed her honors project in typeface design.

Milius spent much of the past year refining and improving her typeface, originally planning on doing it all by hand, but eventually finishing using a computer.

When asked about how it felt to be done with her project and finished with her major, Milius said, “It feels great. It feels really really great.”

Milius has many plans for her time after Knox.

“I’m building a network of graphic designers, and I’m going to Portland for a month, and maybe interning with a graphic designer,” she said. “I’m taking some time off to be a human being.”

Evan Temchin

Temchin has been most focused on digital photojournalism and documentary photography in his time at Knox, aspiring to be a photojournalist. He had work from his honors project on display as well as photos that he had taken for TKS and while working for the Knox College Advancement Office.

“Basically this is a small portion of my honors project. It was documentary photography and photojournalism. I did documentary work at Pacific Gas and Electric in California, came back and interned at The Register Mail, did a rephotographic project over winter break and interned at Advancement,” said Temchin.

“Hell, yeah. I’m done,” he said when asked how it felt to be finished with his major.

This summer, Temchin will be doing archaeological photography in Jordan with Professor Daniel Fatkin before returning home.

4SIGHT Documentary

The centerpiece of the evening was a documentary video shot and edited by the four students about their work and how they have grown and learned through their visual communications majors.

Ben Reeves

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