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Black light: it’s bangin’, it’s hip

Small gaggles of students filtered down the stairs into the basement of Seymour to the recently renovated Seymour Union Student Lounge for the black light party, Union Board’s first event in the new venue.

Turnout was relatively strong Friday throughout the course of the evening. Students filtered in and then left again, frequently returning later in the evening. In all, several hundred students attended the party. By all appearances, the partygoers were mostly first-years, although there were upperclassmen to be seen as well.

The DJ from Entertainment Company (a local DJ company) was playing a mix of recent hip-hop and dance hits, and black lights and a lighting/video rig at the DJ booth lighted the lounge. Florescent face paint was available at the entrance to the party.

“It was great. I really liked the florescent face paint,” senior Amelia Gant said.

Freshman Lizzy Roberts said that the party was “pretty cool” and that “everyone is having fun.”

Although everyone interviewed said they liked the party and were enjoying themselves, most expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the DJ and the number of people present. “They need Lady Gaga,” sophomore Alison Daines said.

Senior Pat Dooly had no reservations about the party, though. “It’s really bangin,’ really hip,” Dooly said.

“Obviously, the setup is pretty sweet. Usually it starts off slow at any party, but we’re expecting more later,” junior Jack Moore Union Board Associate Director said at about 10 p.m. “I’m stoked. I think this [Seymour Lounge] is perfect for Union Board, because all they’re doing is giving us empty space, and we have ideas. We want to have a lot more interactive stuff, more students doing stuff,” said Moore.

Moore continued to discuss some of the new goals of Union Board, exemplified by the black light party, “the comedian era of Union Board is over. We want people to be able to do things as well as sit there and enjoy some entertainment.”

Associate Director of Campus Life Jill Gates, commenting on the party, said “It’s going well. I’m excited by all of the students coming in. I’m happy that it [Seymour Lounge] is open, but I’m not satisfied with where it’s at. I want to improve it.”

Overall, the black light party was a strong start for Union Board at the beginning of the year, and it utilized the newly refurbished Seymour Lounge in an great way.

Ben Reeves

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