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Do you think that because you’re an adult, you have to act like one? Think again! Quiver, Knox’s genre literature publication, is here to provide you with some fun on the road to adulthood. Each term, Quiver publishes a web magazine of your contributions in different genres. This term, we will publish Diminished Capacity, our place for Knox’s humor. The magazine is online and houses stories, poems, essays, artwork and even video and audio. Anything that is funny and can be uploaded to a website is fair game. We know Knox students know how to make people laugh; now we want you to prove us right. Our second magazine, published Winter Term, is Wynken, Blynken and Nod, and is the place for children and young adult media. Last, The Third Level, Knox’s fantasy, sci-fi and speculative literature magazine, will be produced in the spring.

We, the editors of Quiver, are committed to providing you with quality entertainment. But we can’t do it alone! Quiver is a compilation of student-generated work, and as such, we need to see what you’ve got. Submissions can be sent to quiver@knox.edu. All work is thoroughly considered by the editors. Feedback will be provided to everyone, regardless of whether the piece is accepted. We want to have a dialogue with you about genre fiction. If your piece is accepted, editors will work with you to make sure that the finished product is the best it can possibly be. Each term, we have a reception release party. Writers will have the opportunity to read their pieces, visual artists can display their work and the website will be open for all to view. Also: there’s free food. You know you’re interested now. So check out the site – quiver.knox.edu – and have a look at what Knox students have to offer. Then join the fun yourself!

Kathleen Kellett

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