Campus / News / September 23, 2010

Convocation brings Thompson to campus

At Knox’s 173rd convocation, which traditionally marks the beginning of the academic year, students as well as faculty members were recognized for their outstanding performance in their fields and involvement on campus. This year’s spotlight speaker was Tommy Thompson, former Governor of Wisconsin and Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Thompson, who was the only person to be elected to a third and fourth term as governor of Wisconsin, said that the extreme polarity within United States politics is the root of many social and political problems and used this to urge Knox students to be active.

“Consider yourselves…as having the responsibility to make your government better,” Thompson said.

He also told his audience members not to count their young age as a reason to shy away from political involvement.

“Get involved in some way,” Thompson said. Of Knox students, he said, “I hope that they’ll run for public office. I ran at 23.” And at 23, he was elected.

He thinks this is a time for more young people to get involved in United States politics.

“We need new blood,” Thompson said.

Philip Green Wright-Lombard Prize for distinguished teaching:

Chad Simpson, Assistant Professor of English

John Spittell, Professor of Business and Management

Steve Cohn, Professor of Economics

Elbridge Pierce Prize for greatest academic improvement in a student:

Kimberly Dick, Educational Studies major

Recognition of inductees to Phi Beta Kappa:

Ashley Antenore, senior

Katy Renfro, senior

Sara de Maria, senior

Faculty Scholarship Prize, for outstanding academic performance and extracurricular involvement in a student:

Kelly Wigget, Biology major

Janet C. Hunter Prize for outstanding accomplishments and service to the college:

Jackie Uhlmann, Executive Secretary of the Dean of the College

Bobbi Helander, Manager of The Outpost Convenience Store

Annie Zak

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