Campus / News / September 23, 2010

Groans from the Gizmo

The country’s faltering economy has finally reached the Gizmo—and the pockets of every hungry student.

The Gizmo jacked its prices up across the board two and a half to three percent after suppliers raised the cost of food supplies at the heart and gastronomic soul of students.

Helmut Meyer, Director of Dining Services, stated that the only thing that went up noticeably on the Gizmo menu was the coffee. The old coffee, he said, was $8.50 per pound. The new coffee is now about $15 per pound.

Coffee prices have gone up as much as 44 percent due to Knox’s recent switch to “locally roasted certified organic, Fair Trade coffee.”

Other than that, he assured, “Everything across the board went up no more than two and a half to three percent.” He went on to say that the prices of food will inevitably go up.

Cash-strapped students complained they were unaware of the price increases until this year because they have gone up so gradually.

“I don’t think it’s become more expensive. I just think we’ve become more aware of it.” said senior Sundee Perkins.

Meyer said that he has not heard anyone complain about the price of coffee or the rest the food items

“I’ve only gotten compliments on the new coffee,” he said.

There were mixed opinions coming from students eating at the Gizmo.

Freshman Jon Hewelt has been bothered by the recent prices but was not at all surprised.

“It’s more expensive than most places, but we still pay for it,” said Hewelt. He added, “Even as a freshman, prices still seem kind of high.”

Junior Aparna Kumar also noticed the recent rise in prices.

“My money is getting depleted faster than it normally does,” she said.

She then went on to explain how she might need to refill her Dining Dollars before the end of the term because of how often she is a customer at the Gizmo.

“It’s just enough that you notice it,” she said.

Noelani Montero

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