Campus / News / September 23, 2010

Mediating Knox campus life

Picture this scenario: something in a residence hall is broken, Facilities hasn’t come for days and students are about to lose their minds. Now, picture this: someone calls Jillian Staley, Assistant Director of Campus Life for Residential Operations, who talks to Facilities and gets whatever’s broken fixed.

Staley started her job at Knox over a year ago, taking over for Jessica Hardy, who decided to return to admissions, but is still not well known among the students at Knox. Staley is a graduate of MacMurray College and then Eastern Illinois University, where she majored in College Student Affairs before coming here.

Staley essentially works as a liaison between students and Facilities, “making sure things get done in a timely manner.” Basically, it’s her job to keep the residential aspects of campus life running smoothly. That means if the door won’t shut, the window won’t open or maybe the sink just won’t stop dripping water, call Staley.

She said that one part of her job was also, “listening to the students needs and wants.” That said, it is important to be patient. Staley wants the students to know that Facilities will do the work and that they work very hard to get the job done.

Craig Southern, Associate Dean of Students Campus Life/Director of Residential Learning, says of Staley that, “Jillian is a very laid back person. Jillian does a very nice job of setting up a system…she is very detail-oriented, which is necessary in her job.”

Of course, like almost any person on the campus, she is available for any issue.

“I’m here to help,” she said.

The biggest complaint she receives? “In the winter, it’s too cold and in the summer, it’s too hot.”

She also added, “Don’t hate me because I make you get rid of your animal.” Maybe you should leave Fluffy at home next time.

Raivynn Smith

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