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The Five Ghosts an emotional, beautiful album

The first song on Canadian band Stars June 2010 album requires a little adjusting because of their narrative lyric style. The first song on “The Five Ghosts” is called “Dead Hearts” and it is a hauntingly beautiful song. However, the conversational lyric style makes the song odd enough so it isn’t too beautiful.

The next track, “Wasted Daylight” has a more standard lyric style and in the beginning, the drums and synthesizer join together to create a reverberating emotional feeling in your gut.

Both “Wasted Daylight” and “I Died So I Could Haunt You” have a dance beat powered by guitar and drums. Amy Millan and Torquil Campbell’s voices blend together well yet stand separately. Towards the end of the album, the songs start to blend together into a dance pop sound. “We Don’t Want Your Body” starts off as hip-hop pop backing Campbell’s voice but it changes when Millan comes in to electronic disco. The mix of rough and peppy makes for a very interesting song. “He Dreams He’s Awake” moves slowly but accurately gives the feeling of a dream state, while in “Changes,” Millan’s voice is reminiscent of early jazz vocals, and “The Passenger” returns to conversational lyrics but is less awkward than the opening track.

The closing songs, “The Last Song Ever Written” and “How Much Longer,” are enjoyable but start to get a little too close to mainstream pop and lose some of their unique sound. Overall, “The Five Ghosts” is an interesting album that provides songs for many different moods.

Jennifer Lloyd

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