Discourse / Editorials / Student Senate / September 23, 2010

The Senate Perspective

It is the beginning of a promising new year at Knox College, which means it is time to elect our new Student Senate representatives. The Senate Executive Board has already been hard at work getting the word out about the elections and we are excited for you to elect the 100th Student Senate. We are also excited by all of you who have submitted your applications to run.

As the president, I would like to encourage all that are interested in student governance and what it can do for our campus to consider attending our weekly meetings and being involved. There is little need to explain how important student governance on our campus is; just look around this campus that we call home and one can see the effects it has on our environment. Whether it be sustainable initiatives like the water bottle pledge, more locally grown food in the cafeteria or student input on the Presidential Search Committee, it is obvious that student governance and the student voice is heard and is vital on our campus. Thank you to those who have applied. Your leadership and representation of the students is needed and appreciated on this campus. To the rest of the student body, your input is the most vital part, so please make sure you get out and vote.

Sam Claypool

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