September 29, 2010

Skate the night away

A disco beat flowed down the hall out of the Seymour Union Student Lounge. Inside, nearly 40 students laced up their skates and headed out onto the floor.

Hard blue interlocking tiles covered the carpet of the lounge’s floor. Any interested student could strap on a pair of tan quad skates and circle the floor. Colored lights moved across the walls , and floor. A stereo setup played 70s music and modern hits. This skate night was the second event held in the newly reopened student lounge (previously Wallace Lounge).

“We thought it would be a lot of fun,” said sophomore and Union Board member Regina Rosenbrock. “Who doesn’t like roller skating?”

Although many people are used to skating with inline style skates, only the older style quad skates were provided, which made some already wobbling newcomers unsteady. The skates had a tendency to rock backwards and forwards. It was easy to contrast more seasoned skaters with newcomers, or students who had not skated since elementary school birthday parties. However, even the wobbly skaters seemed to enjoy the opportunity.

“If you’re just trying to move in a straight line and hit a wall, you’re fine, but if you’re trying to be a ballerina, that’s not me,” sophomore Josh Hosmer-Quint said.

One of these first time skaters was freshman Phillip Chau. He enjoyed the new experience, which he said was like “walking on ice,” but he was disappointed by the event’s turnout. “It could be better if I had more friends come.”

The Thursday evening time slot probably did cut lower the turnout. Some students who would have come stayed home because they had homework to finish. Many attendees said that they attended to put off the inevitable.

“I’m here to procrastinate; I have a huge French test tomorrow” Hosmer-Quince said.

Others attended to stave off midweek boredom. For freshman Donavan Rosa, roller-skating was “something to do. There’s not much to do during the school days.”

The event was held on Thursday because it is traditionally an off-night. The idea is if the Union Board holds events on different nights, different people can attend, and everyone gets a chance to participate at some point. Union Board members seemed happy with the event’s attendance.

“The turnout’s really good,” said sophomore Sara Johnson said.

She went on to say that the Union Board hopes to put on more events this year. “With [the student lounge open], it’s more convenient. We’ve got a lot of good events coming up.”

Paige Anderson
Paige Anderson is a junior double majoring in computer science and creative writing. This is her second year as co-Mosaic editor. Outside of TKS, Paige has written for Knox’s Office of Communications and for her high school newspaper; her in-depth work won a third-place medal in the Redwood Empire Excellence in Journalism Awards competition. Paige will intern at Amazon during the summer of 2013.

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