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News Briefs: Sept. 30

NORTH KOREA — The succession of power in North Korea underwent a shift on Tuesday when both a sister, Kim Kyong-hui, and the youngest son of Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un, were made four-star generals. The promotion of Kim Jong-un was seen as a confirmation of his future succession to the leadership of North Korea and the beginning of a process that will eventually make him head of the military. Long a strong political force, Kim Jong-il is expected to act as a mentor for Kim Jong-un in conjunction with her husband. (

AUSTIN, TX. — A student at the University of Texas at Austin opened fire on the campus with an AK-47 assault rifle Tuesday and then committed suicide. No other person was injured. Witnesses said the student, 19-year-old Colton Tooley, had the opportunity to shoot several passersby but did not. Tooley was described by his peers and professors as a “brilliant” and “respectful” student. (Associated Press)

AP – Network ABC explained that booing during a recent “Dancing with the Stars” episode was not for guest former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin but was, in fact, occurring in response to a judge’s score the audience thought was too low. The show’s host, Tom Bergeron, explained that the booing had occurred when the audience began to argue with the judge and that the cut to an interview with Palin at the same time was merely poor timing. (Warnerbros Extra)

UNITED STATES — Teen star Justin Bieber has taken his franchise to a new level. It was announced Tuesday that a line of Bieber dolls will be released and be available in stores by Christmas. The dolls are musical, able to play 30-second excerpts of Bieber’s songs. (

UNITED NATIONS – Foreign Minister of Israel Avigdor Liberman announced to the United Nations General Assembly that Israel should no longer involve itself in talks to negotiate peace anytime within the next year but instead work towards an interim pact. Liberman’s remarks contradicted the position held by Israel’s Primer Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and led to a walkout by the Palestinian delegation. Liberman argued that an interim pact, which could take years to create and would essentially re-draw country borders, was the only option due to the lack of trust between Israel and Palestine. Netanyahu denounced the statement. (

BIGGSVILLE, IL. — Marijuana valued at over $100,000 was seized last Thursday from a farm field in Warren County. Twenty-four grams of cocaine and four firearms were also confiscated. Barton J. Kidwell was arrested in conjunction with the seizure and was charged with intent to deliver cannabis. (

GERMANY — Overturning the decision of its previous government, Germany’s government voted on Tuesday to extend the life of several nuclear reactors by 12 years. The move was made in spite of a majority of public opinion against the move. The plan was passed in an effort to make Germany greener long-term and help fulfill the government’s goal of increasing renewable power sources to 80 percent by 2050. (

INDIA – Security has been tightened throughout India in anticipation of a court ruling that will decide whether the land around the Barbi Mosque belongs to Muslims or Hindus. Located in the town of Ayodhya, the original mosque was demolished back in 1992, leading to one of the worst riots in the history of India. On Tuesday, the supreme court of India ruled that lower courts could decide the issue of ownership. Either ruling could pose problems for the secular government. (

CHICAGO – Current White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is expected to leave his post on Friday and announce his intention to run for mayor of Chicago. Emanuel is currently attempting to move back to Chicago to start campaigning. Pete Routse, currently an advisor to President Obama, is expected to fill Emanuel’s position. (

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