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Returning to her alma mater

For lecturer in gender and women’s studies Lisa Knisely, teaching at Knox is both a homecoming and a new beginning. Knisely was a member of the class of 2003, although she graduated a year earlier in 2002. She majored in Gender and Women’s Studies before going on to get a master’s degree at the University of Arizona. She originally thought of doing non-profit work, but ultimately decided she would rather teach. She is currently earning a Ph.D. through Emory University.

How did you end up at Knox?

I got an e-mail from [Associate Professor and Chair of Gender and Women’s Studies] Magali Roy-Fequiere saying she was going to be on leave for the year and that I should send in my curriculum vitae if I was interested in the job. I, of course, wanted to come back and teach here. I loved being a student here and I really like the academic environment of Knox.

What are your areas of interest?

I work on feminist ethics and feminist political theory. I am specifically interested in what feminists have said about violence. I am concerned about what feminists say about women who are themselves violent, as well as about people in situations of oppression and when it is or is not appropriate to use violence.

How do you feel about Knox?

I love Knox. It’s a lot how I remembered it. I think that Knox students are really bright and really curious students and I appreciate that.

What’s changed since you went to Knox?

One difference I notice is that the students seem more fashion-conscious than when I was here. They just seem better-dressed, and I don’t notice as many people going to class in their pajamas. It just seems like students are more conscious about their image.

What was your favorite thing about Knox when you went here?

The learning environment from within the classroom and outside the classroom seemed very fluid. I could go to a lecture and then to an activist meeting and then hang out with my friends and talk, and it all seemed like part of learning—the learning wasn’t just in the classroom.

How are your classes?

I’m only teaching one class right now [Intro to Gender and Women’s Studies] and I love it. My students are great. They seem very enthusiastic about the course. They come prepared to class.

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