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Students seize good times during capture the flag

As night fell, Trevor Field was transformed from a quiet track venue into a war zone as students army crawled, ran and ducked behind trees trying to avoid “Charlie” during Union Board’s capture the flag game. Although the game, originally scheduled during orientation week, had been rained out once, Union Board was still gung-ho about the match.

Senior Justin Newman voiced a common opinion about the game, saying, “I am stoked.”

“I’m looking forward to letting off steam…Running around in the dark is a lot of fun,” said junior Mark Farrell.

Given the fact that it was a rescheduled event on a Wednesday night (Sept. 29), student turnout for the game was small; however, those students that did attend were dedicated to the cause. In the end there were approximately 20 student players and 11 Union Board members, either playing or refereeing the match.

During the hour and a half of play, the rules morphed to suit the preferences of the players, and each game became faster and more frenetic than the one before. In the end both the blue and yellow teams won games, but score was not kept in any consistent fashion.

Many players tried sneaking through the bleachers and trees on the south side of the field, however, it frequently proved more efficient to make a coordinated attack than a sneak attack to acquire the flag.

After the matches finished, freshman Paul Kenney commented on the night, “I did have fun — it was a great time!”

Sophomore David Wawzenek echoed Kenney, saying, “I had a great time,” and that he would play again “in a heartbeat.”

One of the event’s organizers, senior Grace Fourman, spoke about the outcome of the event, “It went better than I expected; people enjoyed themselves a lot, which is what I aim for in any event.”

Assistant Director of Campus Life, Jill Gates (who also played for team yellow), said that if Union Board deems the event to have gone well, they will consider having capture the flag again in the future.

“We’re really trying to take student interest into consideration,” Gates said.

Ben Reeves

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