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An open letter from Women of Influence

After much thought, discussion and even debate amongst our sisterhood, we, the Women of Influence, have decided not to move forward in the process of becoming affiliated with a National Greek Sorority. This decision was not made lightly; besides current members, WOI leadership took the time to consult with both our alumnae and current pledges. The main objective of WOI is to promote and develop multicultural awareness on the Knox College campus. In the process of trying to receive approval from the faculty body, it has come to our attention that we have grown tremendously in a variety of ways. We have worked as one to improve our presence on campus through diverse events such as the overwhelmingly attended Body Image discussion with Professor Denial and the WOI Spring Formal 2010; our academics have improved tremendously through the support of each other; and our philanthropic involvement with events such as fundraising for Pakistan, Love for Haiti and our annual participation in the Multiple Sclerosis Walk has continued to make impacts that reach farther than our campus border. All of this has been accomplished without the Greek letters behind us; therefore we are confident that we can continue to contribute to the Knox College, Galesburg and world-communities without taking that additional step.

We would like to thank you for all the time and support that you have given us.

Tomilola Olotu

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