October 13, 2010

Senate looks at academics

The main topics of last Thursday’s Student Senate meeting in the Round Room of the Ford Center for the Fine Arts were the possible changes in Honors project grade point average (GPA) requirements, course withdrawal procedures and Senate representation at Student Life Committee (SLC) meetings.

New clubs, like Club DJ, are now receiving Senate funds and are intending to add new life to campus. The Instructional Services Support Committee is attempting to develop a service to provide and standardize templates. The point is to simplify the average student’s technological struggles. Linking websites would become one avoidable issue, ideal for Knox students who lack the knowledge to take more technologically advanced measures. As of now, Student Senate is uncertain about costs or the likelihood of its development.

The Academic Standing Committee also hopes to initiate some changes in the coming year, specifically regarding regulations like the Honors project GPA requirement. In the past, extenuating circumstances have been taken into account. There is a great deal of uncertainty as to how these cases ought to be handled. This shaky foundation is something Senate hopes to solidify.

This committee has also considered altering the current procedure of withdrawing from a course. Currently, it will appear on your transcript as a withdrawal and no further information is given. The committee is currently debating a revision to this system. It has been suggested that academic status prior to withdrawal should be reported and appear on official documentation, meaning if you were passing or failing prior to withdrawal, this academic status would be recorded.

Changes also occurred in the Senate constitution. These changes included striking the role of Senate executives as mandatory representatives on SLC. Such amendments were approved by the unanimous consent of the Student Senate constituents. Other, more complex amendments have yet to be ratified. This includes an amendment stating, “Faculty committees shall have at least one representative who is a student senator.” This issue also encompasses how non-Senate representatives will be selected.

Samantha Paul
Samantha Paul is a senior double majoring in creative writing and Spanish. She previously served as both a news reporter and a copy editor for TKS. During the summer of 2012, Sam served as press chair of a literacy brigade in El Salvador. She has also interned with both Bloom Magazine and The Galesburg Register-Mail. At Knox, Sam is an organizational editor for Catch magazine.

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