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Knox students rock the vote

With the 2010 midterm elections less than a month away, some Knox students are starting to apply for absentee ballets and register to vote. The question is how does one go about doing this? According to the Galesburg Election Commission, one will need to have: “a driver’s license or photo I.D., or some form of identification with a name and current address on it,” and go to The Galesburg Board of Election Commission, City Hall, 55 West Tompkins Street from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in order to register to vote in the city of Galesburg.

Although Galesburg is the place many of us call home during the school year, most students choose to vote absentee (meaning they request a mail-in ballot from their home state/town). Junior Rachel Lee chooses this option because she is still living at home when not at Knox. She also feels she does not know enough about what goes on in this part of Illinois to be able to vote in Galesburg.

However, some students are choosing not to vote at all. When asked why he chooses not to vote in the upcoming elections, sophomore Mike Israel said, “I really have no knowledge of what this election entails so I do not have enough information to make a decision.”

However, some students believe participation in every election is essential. Freshman Shelly Bhanot said, “ As a citizen, I think it’s really important to contribute my input on governmental decisions and voting for candidates who share my ideas—it’s my way of vicariously making sure my ideas are heard.”

As voting absentee seems like such a popular option, how exactly does one go about obtaining an absentee ballet? According to the Illinois Board of Elections, it’s as simple as sending in an absentee application, which can be found on their site for download, as well as by snail mail request no more than 40 days or less than five days before an election to your state office. This is also true for states such as Minnesota.

Not sure what your home state’s procedures are with obtaining an absentee ballet? The Secretary of State website for every home state is an excellent resource for obtaining information for every question you may have about voting in the upcoming elections.

Ashley Wolfgang

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