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ASA says you rock

Last week, Alpha Sigma Alpha let the students of Knox know how much they rocked.

ASA had tables out for the “You Rock Awards,” which allowed students to send messages to each other simply letting them know how much they rock. Sidewalks were also littered with the message that students “rocked” to promote the awards to the general student body.

“It started as a way for people to let each other know they’re awesome and appreciated during stressful times, like midterms and finals,” said senior and ASA president Katie Johnston.

The awards also gave people the opportunity to donate money to the S. June Smith Center, which benefits children with disabilities.

To send out a “You Rock” award, students had to provide the full name of the person they wanted to send an award to, and sorority members placed the awards in campus mailboxes. Senders could put their name on the awards or choose to remain anonymous.

The S June. Smith center, one of ASA’s national philanthropies, was started by former ASA member Dr. June Smith, who was a pioneer for children with special needs. The center “supports children with disabilities in achieving their full potentials with the help of family, friends and communities,” Johnston said.

Events such as the “You Rock Awards” are great for “letting people know who we are and the kinds of service we do,” Johnston said. ASA is still fairly new as an organization, and events like the “You Rock Awards” let people know what the sorority does and the organizations that it supports.

Allison White

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