Camera misuse unlikely

Senior Jevin Lortie was called in to talk to Director of Campus Safety John Schlaf the day after security drove past Lortie when he had been drinking and smashed some bottles in the Quad with two of his friends.

While Lortie thought that this had been something Campus Safety caught him doing using the video cameras that were installed around campus last year, Schlaf said that is not the case.

“We were pretty intoxicated,” Lortie said, “and we decided it would be a good idea to break some bottles.” He then said that around the time they had broken the bottles, a Campus Safety vehicle drove by, looked at Lortie and his two friends and kept driving.

Because Campus Safety officers did not stop and ask Lortie or the two others for their names, Lortie said he thought they were identified by video cameras.

Schlaf said, “They were recognized [by the officers driving by]. Pure and simple.”

When asked about the incident, Schlaf said that, as seen by Campus Safety officers, the place the bottles had been smashed was in the loading dock area of the Quads, and that there are no cameras in that area.

Annie Zak

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