Sports / The Prairie Fire / October 20, 2010

Toning down Knox-Monmouth rivalry

In the past, the rivalry between the Knox College and Monmouth College athletic teams has extended beyond the playing field to t-shirts with lewd puns and wordplay. But both Student Athlete Advisory Committees (SAAC) from Knox and Monmouth are looking to shift the rivalry back to the field.

The schools’ SAACs have collaboratively designed a t-shirt that illustrates two turkeys, standing together in sweaters representing each school. Below the graphic a script reads “Leave It All On The Field.”

“We are really looking for school-wide participation,” said Knox SAAC President Peter Cain. “We want to knock Monmouth off, but we want to be respectful.”

The t-shirts will be on sale during the week of the Knox-Monmouth football game, the first week of November. They will be available for purchase during lunch periods in Seymour Gallery.

SAAC includes representatives from each of Knox’s 21 NCAA athletics teams. Some of their activities include the coordination of volunteering for student athletes, such as a “Reading Buddies” program and helping out at local Special Olympics competitions.

Other initiatives this fall include tentative plans for a student section dubbed the “Fire Pit” at home games, and soliciting volunteers for a Special Olympics bowling event on Sunday, Nov. 7.

Kevin Morris

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