Campus / News / October 20, 2010

Party shutdowns normal

When Sigma Chi’s Mayhem party was shut down early, it was unclear if it was because Campus Safety started off the year being tougher on enforcing rules about campus parties.

Sigma Chi President and senior Jimmy Thornton said the move to shut down Mayhem, one of Sigma Chi’s first registered social events of the year, was a move made by students.

“We just didn’t have enough space to fit people inside,” Thornton said. Since having so many people outside could potentially be a safety hazard if someone who was intoxicated happened to walk into traffic, Thornton said it was a good idea to call Campus Safety and have the party shut down.

But on the topic of parties shut down by Campus Safety, Thornton said, “It’s not something that’s been happening much more than usual.”

Director of Campus Safety John Schlaf said, “It’s not a change in policy. I think it was a wise move on the part of the fraternity involved in that case.”

Schlaf also said that Campus Safety has been working more closely with the fraternities this year to help them with issues they get confronted with at parties.

“There’s difficulty with people coming to an event that might have already consumed [alcohol],” Schlaf said as an example.

President of Sigma Nu and junior Joe Olvera said, “We’ve actually increased our contacts with security as opposed to decrease[d] them.”

Olvera said that the school has its own policy for parties, and Sigma Nu also has its own policy for parties.

“We’re making our policies aware to the administration,” he said. “We’ve been increasing our communication with them so we know what they want from us.”

Annie Zak

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