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Student banned after arrest for battery

*Name has been changed

At 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 3, the Campus Safety log shows report of a battery that was handled by the Office of Student Development. On the same evening, Knox freshman John Donald was arrested for two counts of battery. The victims were two female Knox students.

Donald is now banned from the Knox campus.

Sara*, one of the victims of battery, said, “It actually wasn’t at TKE, it was on the grass between TKE [Tau Kappa Epsilon] and Beta [Theta Pi houses}.”

It was the evening of the TKE Lucid party. Sara said that her friend, Laura*, had dropped a part of her cell phone in the grass around the deck in the back of the TKE house. When Laura went down to look for it, Sara said, “[Donald] was kissing on her neck and she said ‘no, this isn’t funny.’ He picked her up and threw her to the ground and got on top of her.”

Both Sara and the police report for this incident mentioned that Laura and Donald were friends. The police report also stated, “When [Laura] told him to stop, he picked up her legs […] and slammed her down on the ground […] and unbuttoned the top of [her] shorts.” It also stated that Donald was sitting on her foot, which was broken before the battery occurred.

“He slapped her in the face,” Sara said. “No one had stepped in because they were always together and [everyone] thought they were just playing around.” Sara said that after seeing Donald slap Laura, she knew that there was a problem.

When Sara went over to the two in order to help Laura, Sara said that Donald punched her in the mouth. The police report verified this, reading, “[Sara] stated when she tried to pull him away, she was pushed and then punched in the face by Donald.”

Laura would not comment on the incident.

When asked if the student was suspended or expelled, Dean of Students Debbie Southern said, “He is banned from campus, but I can’t tell you more about the specific sanction that was involved.”

She did say, however, that there are conditions Donald must meet before being allowed on campus again.

Southern also cannot say how long Donald is banned from campus.

Because the term “battery” is not used in Knox’s conduct code, Donald has technically been banned for violating college policy.

Both Sara and Laura went to Health Services at Knox to get treatment for their injuries.

Lieutenant Rod Riggs of the Galesburg Police Department said that Donald was originally arrested for two counts of battery, but that the Galesburg Police Department has contacted the State’s Attorney’s Office to request upgrading charges to aggravated battery. A battery is a misdemeanor, while aggravated battery is a felony.

As of right now, the counts stand as battery. Donald could not be reached for comment.

Annie Zak

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