October 28, 2010

Business Club celebrates Halloween early

Business Club’s Halloween Crafts Day provided an opportunity for Knox students and children from the local Boys and Girls Club to bond over Halloween-themed crafts and games.

“We want to show that our club is multidimensional,” sophomore and Business Club Event Coordinator Hannah Basil said. “We’re not stiff and whatever people think Business Club is … we don’t take the community for granted.”

Along with other students, including members of Alpha Phi Omega and Kappa Kappa Gamma, Business Club hosted 30 children, ranging from six to nine years old, from the Boys and Girls Club. The afternoon began with a game of freeze tag, followed by Duck, Duck, Goose and Red Light, Green Light.

Although the club originally planned to hold the event outside, high winds forced them to move the crafts component into George Davis Hall. Inside, the children were each given a pumpkin and foam stick-ons with which to decorate it.

“I was working with a girl named Taelor,” Basil said. “She made her pumpkin with two faces and said she was going to turn it around every day.”

Each child was also given a Halloween treat bag, which could be colored with crayons. To end the event, everyone enjoyed powdered doughnuts and apple cider.

“There were lots of smiles and giggling,” Basil said. “The kids kept asking if they could keep their pumpkins, and we said yes. There’s a good chance a lot of these kids may not get to have pumpkins [otherwise], so it was cool to have stuff they could call their own.”

While Halloween Crafts Day seemed like an unusual event for Business Club to hold, the club values giving back to the community, Basil said.

“We try to reach out into the community a lot,” she said. “I think we could do one event like this per term. We have a really limited budget this year, but this project was within our budget and a lot of success came out of it.”

Business Club was even able to support a local farmer by purchasing pumpkins for the event from S + P Farms in Knoxville.

“We didn’t want to buy pumpkins from Wal-Mart,” Basil said. “[S + P] had the perfect sized pumpkins for $1.”

Basil hopes the Halloween event is the start of a different image for Business Club at Knox.

“Business Club is under new, dynamic leadership,” she said. “We want to grow this year and we are growing. We don’t have a very defined mission statement, so we’re open to suggestions.”

The next Business Club event will be a talk entitled “Seal the Deal: 6 Simple Steps for Getting Your Dream Job” on Wednesday, Nov. 3 at 7:30 p.m. in Kresge Recital Hall, presented by Pete Leibman of Idealize Enterprises. Students wanting more information on this and other Business Club events are invited to e-mail Vice President junior Vince Rug to join the club’s e-mail list.

Anna Meier

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