Campus / Campus Safety / News / October 28, 2010

Student arrested for alcohol consumption

Around 1:10 a.m. this past Sunday, junior Joe Kozlowicz was arrested for illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor.

The arrest took place outside of a party that took place at 360 Monmouth Blvd. The police report for the incident states that Lieutenant Chris Hootman of the Galesburg Police Department saw Kozlowicz on the sidewalk with a cup in his hand and “told Kozlowicz to empty and dispose of the cup, with Kozlowicz emptying part of the fluid from the cup, which [this] officer observed to be amber yellow (beer).”

The police report then states, “Kozlowicz then drank the remainder of the liquid.”

Senior Jevin Lortie, who was at the party, said, “When [Kozlowicz] was done pouring, he made a motion to bring [the cup] back to his face. But it was empty.”

Kozlowicz declined to comment on the matter.

Lortie also said that other students saw the police officer kick Kozlowicz to the ground.

“The cop jumped out of the car and kicked him to the ground and put handcuffs on him,” Lortie said.

Senior Tim Lee said, “Apparently, the cop tried to trip him.”

Galesburg Police Department Officer Chris Hootman denied that it was a kick or a trip.

“That would have been a leg sweep,” Hootman said. “He was resisting arrest.”

Senior Zak Kahn, who saw the incident happen, said, “I was surprised by the lack of professionalism … of this officer. When he was driving away, I said, ‘sir, may I ask you a question before you leave’ and he just said ‘no.’ I would’ve asked him, ‘Where are you taking our friend and what is your badge number?’”

When asked if he would have shown his badge number to someone at the party who asked for it, Hootman said “I wouldn’t ever pay attention to them. I don’t have to provide that. The only guy that needs to know is the guy that was involved.”

Lieutenant Scott Billiter of the Galesburg Police Department said, when asked about Hootman being required to show his badge number when asked, “The officer should have provided it.”

“Every time I’ve interacted with the cops in Galesburg, they’ve been really nice to me, like surprisingly nice to me,” Kahn said. About Kozlowicz’ incident, he said, “It’s just not how I’d want an officer to behave.

The police report states that Kozlowicz was first told that he was “under arrest for City Open Alcoholic Beverage, but [this] officer later charged Kozlowicz for Illegal Consumption of Alcohol by Minor, after officer found [him] to be only 20 years old.”

Kozlowicz was arrested and taken to the Knox County Jail for processing and was released on notice to appear.

Annie Zak

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