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Watoto brings new sound

Harambee Club is sponsoring a performance by the Watoto Children’s Choir on Friday Nov. 5, in Kresge Recital Hall in the Ford Center for the Fine Arts.

President of Harambee junior Celestina Agyekum said, “I think [Knox students] should see the choir because it’s very different than from what Knox usually has … In a way, other cultures are represented [at Knox] but not as much as we need to represent ourselves, so Harambee is stepping out and introducing new things to campus like the choir—they’re from Uganda—and giving them a taste of our culture.”

Abena Quainoo, ’09, who was the president of Harambee two years ago, was on YouTube looking for concerts and, knowing that Agyekum was also interested in music from different countries, showed her the Watoto Children’s Choir. Quainoo e-mailed the manager of the choir about bringing them to Knox and the choir agreed to pass through Galesburg on their tour. Quainoo asked Agyekum, who was about to become the president of Harambee, to organize the event and finalize the plans.

“It’s something new, to come see children sing. I don’t think Knox College has ever brought a children’s choir to campus and for them to be from another continent, that’s pretty major, pretty huge,” Agyekum said.

The Watoto Children’s Choir sings to raise money to build schools and pay for school fees and uniforms of other children in Uganda. The children of the choir are orphans; most of the their parents have died from HIV/AIDS and others have died from war, poverty and disease.

“In a way, we are supporting them, so [Knox students] should come see [the choir],” Agyekum said.

The Watoto choir does not ask for performance fees but asks for a “love offering” of $500. Harambee will accommodate them for the night as well as provide their meals. Harambee is tabling in Seymour Gallery and selling shirts to raise the $500 donation. If people do not want to buy a shirt, Harambee also is accepting donations during tabling and during the day of the performance at Kresge Recital Hall.

Knox students will have an opportunity to meet with the choir, as Harambee will be feeding them at 4 p.m. Friday in Seymour Union Student Lounge.

If there are any questions about the Watoto Children’s Choir, the event or donations, contact Celestina Agyekum at

Sheena Leano

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