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Jackass 3D

“Jackass 3D” has restored my belief in humanity. Let me qualify: this is the first movie I have seen in theaters where no one hated anyone else for their overzealous laughter. This is the first movie I’ve seen where I wasn’t annoyed when the (numerous) preemptive “Ohhhh nooooooo”s erupted from the crowd. Sure, the Jackass crew is getting paid to do stupid, dangerous and ridiculous things to their own and each others’ bodies, but seeing the sincere brotherhood, the wide cheshire grins after they know no one is dead, has revived my love for mankind.

If you’ve seen “Jackass 1” or “Jackass 2,” or even an episode of the TV show (or the spin-offs “Wildboyz” and “Viva La Bam”), you know what to expect from this movie. BUT IT IS IN THREE DIMENSIONS. Sure, there are stunts dealing with feces, but this time, you get to see the shit literally fly at your face. Do not see this movie in Galesburg, where it is only available in 2-D; find a friend with a car and make the trek to Peoria for the proper viewing experience.

The complete crew makes its comeback in this, their third movie. Johnny Knoxville, a bit grayer and still not all there; Steve-O, sober yet still puking every other scene; Bam, trendier and still terrified of snakes; Danger Ehren, Dave England, Ryan Dunn, Wee-man and Preston—they’re all there.

The first skit is perhaps one of the funniest—The High Five. The concept, like most Jackass skits and stunts, is simple yet effective: trick unsuspecting members of the crew into walking down a hallway where a giant, spring loaded open-palm hand waits to swat them to the ground. I was in tears. The camera angles here are crucial, as when from the side we see Bam get stopped dead in his tracks and make a bee-line for the ground, covered in flour and humiliation.

Speaking of bees (see what I did there), some of the skits are funniest when they go horribly wrong. In Bee-Hive Tetherball, Steve-O and England are pitted against each other in a game of tetherball, only the ball is filled with Africanized bees. Needless to say, the game doesn’t last long, but the panic draws out the scene for several minutes. With the 3-D, we see bees swarming towards us, away from us, everywhere. Dave steals the show here with his extreme reactions, and a golden one-liner from Steve-O closes out the stunt.

The times when we see genuine fear in the Jackass’s eyes are hilarious, a-la Ehren literally trying to pin a tail on a donkey. Only this time, he is wearing nothing but a jock-strap and walking as though he is straddling something, bow-legged with his junk chilling vulnerably in the air. After the donkey kicks him in the thigh (they were hoping for the nuts, so of course he must try again), Ehren’s whole body trembles in terror as he tries to pin the tail on the donkey again. It is an awe-inspiring show of dedication.

I could go on and on about the greatest movie ever made, but you get the idea. It’s nearing finals and we could all use a break from the grind. This movie will give you two straight hours of raucous laughs, but if you laugh so hard you crap your pants, I’m sure the Jackass boys would be glad to collect the doodoo for their next movie.

(Side note: the 3-D glasses will add an extra fee to your ticket, so I would recommend Willow Knolls theater in Peoria, where student tickets are five dollars (plus 2.50 for the glasses), as opposed to Rave, where tickets are eight thousand dollars).

Sam Conrad

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